Release Notes: 2012-06-05

This release comes with some new goodies:

  • Faster alerts - we have redesigned our alert backend to send you alerts almost immediately after the first data point is collected for a test.

  • Default weekly reports - new accounts will start to receive a weekly report in their inbox that includes all the tests configured; to change the default settings go to Report Settings

  • API now includes permalink to View screen - this is useful to embed actionable URLs in custom dashboards that are built with our API. If the Authentication Token of a non-admin user is appended to the permalink URL given in the API data, then whoever clicks the link can bypass the login screen and jump directly to the View screen corresponding to the data. You can check your Autentication Token in your Account Settings

  • Sharing Views feature - we're working on a cool new feature to share views between different accounts and with people that don't have a ThousandEyes account. We've released this for a subset of our customers that can start using it for collaborative troubleshooting, the full release of this feature is coming in 2 weeks, stay tuned!

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