Getting Support from ThousandEyes

As a ThousandEyes user, you may encounter situations that require assistance from our Customer Engineering team.

This guide aims to help you understand when and how to contact ThousandEyes Customer Engineering for assistance. Whether you need help with technical issues, product functionality, or troubleshooting, our dedicated support team is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below is an outline of the support we provide and the best ways to get in touch for quick and efficient assistance.

In this guide we will cover:

Contacting Support

The Customer Engineering team is here to help with the following types of inquiries:

  • Technical questions

  • Product functionality

  • Configuration assistance

  • Requests to analyze test results

  • Reports of possible bugs or other platform issues

  • Feature requests

Customer Engineering cannot assist with sales-related questions or provide product demonstrations. For those inquiries please contact your personal customer success manager.

When contacting Support, ensure that you use the email address associated with your ThousandEyes account in order to ensure that you are associated with the correct organization and case history in the ticketing system.

Contact the ThousandEyes Customer Engineering team through these methods:


For non-urgent inquiries or when you need to provide detailed information about your issue, you can send an email to our Support team at


For interactive support, the ThousandEyes app provides a chat client, which you can access from the Help and Support menu in the top bar of


Customers who log into the ThousandEyes app have access to the Support portal, where you can create a Support case, as well as view your Support case history and other Support information. You can also use this portal if your organization blocks live chat or email due to security requirements.


For high-priority issues, you can contact ThousandEyes Customer Engineering at (415) 237-EYES (3937). Callers are routed to the next available engineer.

日本語対応について (Japanese-Language Support)


日本語対応ができるThousandEyesのサポートチームが、日本時間の月曜から金曜まで、9:00am - 5:00 pmにて受付(日本国民の祝日・Cisco年末年始休暇を除く)、翌営業日以内にご返信いたします。グローバルサポート同様、サポートケース番号が発行されます。なお、チャットによる日本語サポートは現在対応していません。

Translation of the above:

For customers in Japan, we provide a Japanese-language support desk as a subset of our global support team. Please contact us by email at or via our web portal. The ThousandEyes support team, who can speak Japanese, is available 9:00am - 5:00pm (Japan time), Monday through Friday (excluding Japan national holidays and Cisco's end-of-year shutdown period) and will respond within the next business day. Similar to global support, a support case number will be issued. Please note that Japanese-language support via chat is currently not available.

Online Collaboration

During a support session, the team may request a screen-sharing session using Webex or your company’s screen-sharing solution.

To facilitate effective online collaboration, first gather the necessary information. Our supporting engineers require this information before joining a collaboration, in order to run checks and investigations on the ThousandEyes side of the issue.

Information We Need

Before you contact Customer Engineering, collect the following information:

  • Names of any agents involved.

  • Names of any tests involved.

  • Names (and, if possible, IDs) of any alerts involved.

  • Logs or diagnostic files from the involved agents.

  • A clear description of the issue:

    • Are you having issues installing an agent?

    • Is an agent not checking in?

    • Is a new test not worked as expected?

    • Is a test suddenly failing and you need to know why?

    • Do you need an alert explained?

When you provide this background information, we can help you more effectively.

Sensitive Information to Avoid Sharing

Do not share sensitive information, such as passwords, API tokens, or files containing proprietary information.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Passwords (ThousandEyes account, Web or Voice Layer Tests, private keys for digital certificates)

  • API tokens

  • Files containing sensitive information (screenshots, transaction test scripts, packet captures, configuration files

Support Team Locations and Supported Languages

Customer Engineering team members are located in the United States, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, and Japan.

By default, the support language is English, but it may be possible to converse with a Support person in a local language during business hours if requested. The exception is Japan, where communication in Japanese is available only via email, not chat. For customers who do not speak or write in English, a translator will be made available so they can communicate in their local language.

  • ThousandEyes documentation: A searchable documentation site

  • Webex

    • ThousandEyes Webex: To join without installing software, use the Join by browser option. The Support team will provide the meeting information.

    • Webex setup and test: Follow the directions to set up and test Webex on your computer. Perform the Webex test on the same network you will use during your meeting.

  • Sharing test data: When you submit a Support request about test results, the best way to provide us information is by sharing a snapshot link.

  • Troubleshooting Endpoint Agent issues: Problems that cannot be solved solely by inspection of log files may require a remote desktop session with a Customer Engineer to investigate the agent and the system on which the agent runs.

  • How Alerts Work We hope this guide helps you get the assistance you need from the ThousandEyes Customer Engineering team. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact methods provided.

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