Limited Outage Map

This page is for users not currently subscribed to Internet Insights. Existing customers should refer to the Internet Insights Overview Screen for a full range of features and functionalities.


The Limited Outage Map is available to all ThousandEyes customers, even those who do not currently have any active Internet Insights licenses.

This map displays a visual representation of global internet outages, enabling users to gain partial insights into global application and network outages even without an Internet Insights subscription. It reports outages lasting over five minutes and/or involving more than five servers.

For outages below these thresholds, insights are available only through a subscription. Additional detailed information on these outages is available through a ThousandEyes Internet Insights subscription.

Learn more about Internet Insights here.

Accessing the Limited Outages Map

To access the outages map:

Log in to the ThousandEyes platform. Select Internet Insights from the navigation pane on the left.

Limited Outages Map Features

The ThousandEyes Internet Insights Limited Outage Map offers the following functionality:

  • Map: Network outages are shown in red; application outages are purple. The size of the node indicates the scope of the outage. This map shows the frequency of network outages and service outages as seen across ISP, public cloud and edge service networks, as well as top business SaaS and consumer application providers.

  • Navigation: Use your mouse or touchpad to pan across different regions of the map.

  • Map Zoom: Use the plus (+) or minus (-) icons to zoom in and out of the map, or use the scrolling feature on your mouse or trackpad. Zooming in on an area shows finer geographic detail between sites of affected interfaces.

  • Outage Events: A list of the most recent outages, with application outages on the left and network outages on the right. Each outage event includes the duration of the outage, the name of provider in which the outage was detected, and when the outage was detected.

    • Detailed information of each outage is available in the paid ThousandEyes Internet Insights subscription service. If you opt to become a paid subscriber, you will gain access to an advanced network topology visualization, allowing you to identify specific Points of Presence (PoPs) impacted by outages. You can then trace the ripple effect of an outage across the network in order to understand which other PoPs are affected.

    • Additionally, the subscription service offers the ability to adjust the historical timeframe for outage data up to one year, and to access information on affected tests for comprehensive analysis of each outage event.

  • Pagination Controls: The network and application Outage Events lists are paginated to show the 5 most recent outages. You can use the > and < arrow buttons (Next and Previous) to navigate to older outages.

  • Timeline: A 24-hour timeline of outages overall is expressed in a histogram at the top of the Overview.

  • Affected Interface Map Nodes: Hover over each map node to view a sublist by location.

  • Explore Outage: If you want more data, hover over an outage card and click the Explore Outage button to sign up for a free 15-day trial.

  • Sharing Insights: The map includes a Share button on each outage card, allowing users to communicate about disruptions and potentially notify service providers directly from the platform. The button allows you to post directly to X (formerly Twitter).

Advanced Features

If you are interested in deeper insights and more detailed outage information, consider subscribing to the Internet Insights trial directly from the Limited Overview page.

The trial offers:

  • In-depth analytics: Dive deeper into outage causes, durations, and impacts.

  • Customizable alerts: Set up alerts for outages affecting services critical to your operations.

  • Extensive coverage: Get swift insights into outages affecting essential cloud providers, internet service providers, and SaaS applications crucial to your business and customers.

To Subscribe to Internet Insights From the Limited Outage Map

Click the Request Free Trial button at the bottom of the map to open the trial offer in a new browser tab, and follow the on-screen prompts to begin your trial. You can also click Want More Data? in the upper right, or the Explore Outage button on each individual outage card.

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