Release Notes: 2012-08-01

What's new in this release:

  • BGP tests - Now you can configure standalone BGP tests and be alerted whenever there are reachability issues or routing dynamics affecting your BGP prefixes. BGP data is collected mainly from routers providing feeds to RouteViews and data is aggregated over 15-minute bins. Users can now set up BGP alerts on:

    • Reachability: the fraction of time during a 15-minute bin that the prefix is reachable from a given BGP router

    • Path Changes: the number of AS path changes that occured in a 15-min bin

  • Page guide - We added a new widget on the top right corner of the screen that will help you understand the main components of each screen:

    Once you click on the page guide tab, you will see an overlay on the page identifying the main components and a description on the bottom explaining them:

  • Live chat - Yes, you can now chat directly with the ThousandEyes team when you're logged into the platform! Just click on the "Help & Support" tab and then click on "Live Chat". If the icon is green, it means that we are available to chat.

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