Application Categories

An application category is a user-defined bundle of applications with similar traffic characteristics, such as Voice or Google Workspace. Each application category includes multiple applications within it, along with a single set of quality thresholds for loss, latency, and jitter that apply to all traffic for a given application category.

You can define your WAN Insights own customized application categories and quality thresholds as described in Adding Business-Critical Applications to WAN Insights. Note that WAN Insights application categories are defined in vManage as an application list. Use care to avoid configuring the same application in multiple classes in vManage.

Out-of-the-box Application Categories

WAN Insights includes the following default application categories out-of-the-box:

  • Office365

  • Voice

  • Salesforce

  • Google Workplace

  • Go To Meeting

  • Webex

The quality of service (QoS) thresholds for each default application category are shown below. The units are expressed as a fraction for loss, and milliseconds for latency and jitter.

  • Office 365: Loss 0.03, Latency 300, Jitter 300

  • Voice: Loss 0.03, Latency 300, Jitter 50

  • Salesforce: Loss 0.03, Latency 300, Jitter 300

  • Google Workspace: Loss 0.03, Latency 300, Jitter 300

  • Webex: Loss 0.03, Latency 300, Jitter 50

  • GoTo Meeting: Loss 0.01, Latency 300, Jitter 100

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