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Enterprise Agent System Requirements

This article details all system requirements required for installing a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent.
Each Enterprise Agent will have different requirements based on the type of device (virtual appliance, physical appliance, Cisco device etc) the agent is being installed on, and the type of installation (Docker, linux package etc). Review the relevant sections for your Enterprise Agent/s before continuing with the installation process.

Hardware Requirements

Common Requirements

The table below outlines the key hardware requirements common to all Enterprise Agents, both with and without the BrowserBot component included.
The BrowserBot component performs page load and transaction tests.
With BrowserBot
Without BrowserBot
CPU Count
2 GB
1 GB
Hard Disk Space
20 GB
20 GB
Network Interface
Internet Connection

Virtual Appliances

For customers importing the virtual appliance in OVA format into VMware or Oracle VirtualBox, or importing the ZIP format into Microsoft Hyper-V, a serial port is included in the virtual machine definition. In most cases, if you are using these hypervisors you do not need to perform any additional configuration to meet this requirement.
For customers using hypervisors that may not support the OVA or ZIP templates, you should ensure that the configuration of the virtual machine provides a serial device for console access, prior to importing the virtual appliance.

Cisco Devices

Additional hardware requirements for Enterprise Agents installed on Cisco devices can be found here: Cisco Device Support Matrix.

Physical Appliances

Additional hardware requirements for Enterprise Agents installed on physical appliances can be found here: Installing Enterprise Agents on a Physical Appliance.

Raspberry Pi

System requirements for Enterprise Agents installed on Rasperry Pi devices can be found here: Installing an Enterprise Agent on a Raspberry Pi Device.

Supported Enterprise Agent Operating Systems

The ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent can be installed as a package on native Linux operating systems, as a ThousandEyes virtual appliance in a virtualized environment, as a physical appliance, or as a Docker container.
ThousandEyes supports installing the Enterprise Agent on the following operating systems:
  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
Amazon Linux 2 does not support BrowserBot.
For specific versions and support dates, see Enterprise Agent Support Lifecycle.
Enterprise Agents are supported on x64 (64-bit) architecture.
Browserbot will only work on Ubuntu 20.04 if run inside a Docker container, due to OS/Linux kernel dependencies.
Access to the latest point release software repositories for each supported OS version is required (i.e., an agent installed on RHEL 7.4 needs access to RHEL 7.x repositories).
If access to the required repositories cannot be provided, meeting the package installation dependencies described in Dependency tree for ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent article must be achieved using other methods, such as a local mirror.

Windows Support

There is currently no native version of the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent software for Microsoft Windows. Customers running Windows may consider the following virtualization options:
  • Windows Server 2008 or higher on x64 architecture: Use Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software to host a ThousandEyes Hyper-V Appliance.
  • Other Windows versions: Use a virtualization product such as Oracle's VirtualBox platform for virtualization to host a ThousandEyes Virtual Appliance. Check out for more details. Other virtualization software such as VMware Workstation can also run virtual appliance virtual machines.
An Ubuntu Linux operating system running in Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux does not support Enterprise Agents.

Mac OS X Support

There is currently no native version of the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent for Mac OS X. Customers running Mac OS X with an Intel processor may consider the following virtualization options to host a ThousandEyes Virtual Appliance:

Operating System Support Lifecycle

For more information on the support lifecycles of each supported operating system, see Enterprise Agent Operating System Support Lifecycle.

Supported Virtual Appliance Platforms

ThousandEyes virtual appliances are based on Ubuntu LTS releases. New versions of the virtual appliance are made available when new versions of Ubuntu LTS are certified for the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent. ThousandEyes currently provides virtual appliances for the following platforms:
  • Hypervisors capable of importing an OVA, such as Oracle VirtualBox and VMware ESXi.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V.
ThousandEyes validates and supports virtual appliances installed on the following hypervisors:
  • Oracle VirtualBox and VMware (ESXi, Workstation, or Player)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
Any other virtualization software not listed above is unsupported.

Physical Appliances

ThousandEyes provides an installer image for Intel NUC mini-PCs, based on the same software as the ThousandEyes virtual appliance. ThousandEyes will make every effort to ensure that an upgrade path is provided, so that customers can stay on a supported appliance version. In some cases, customers will need to reinstall the appliance software in order to stay on a supported appliance version. Customers in this scenario will be contacted while the underlying operating system is in the End of Installation Support phase in order to ensure an orderly transition.
For more information on the phases of support for operating systems, see Enterprise Agent Operating System Support Lifecycle.