Release Notes: May 2020


Company Announcements

Response to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 virus is putting a huge strain on IT and network teams all around the world. To assist with managing your end-user experience, ThousandEyes is offering free access to our End User Monitoring until July 31, 2020. If this is of interest to you, reach out soon — enrollment for this offer ends on June 30, 2020. For more information, please see our blog or contact the ThousandEyes team.

Product Announcements

Browser-Based Tests Downgraded

Browser-based tests have been reverted to Chromium 68 due to issues found during the deployment of Chromium 80.

New Features


Transaction (Classic) Test Migration Workflow

ThousandEyes has built a test conversion workflow to support migrating transaction (classic) tests to the new transaction test type. This workflow will be rolled out to customers with existing transaction (classic) tests over the coming weeks, and will be accessible from the Test Settings view.

Transaction (classic) tests that need to be migrated are marked with a warning icon. To use the test conversion workflow, select the test to expand the window, and click the Migrate Test button:

Clicking the button will navigate users to a Test Settings view populated with an auto-generated configuration for an equivalent transaction test. The user can then inspect the script, run an instant test to validate the migrated script, make any necessary changes, and save the new test.

Cloud and Enterprise Agents

Updated Agent Settings View

The types of tests with the highest agent utilization are now visible on the Agent Settings view to provide additional clarity to users. Hover the cursor over the utilization metric to see detailed metrics across other test types and hyperlinks to our documentation that explains agent utilization in more detail.

Endpoint Agents

  • Internal top-level domains (for example, .local or .corp) are now supported in browser sessions.

  • Multiple trace routes are now shown for local network paths.

  • Private subnet mask information is now displayed in the Session Details tab.

Internet Insights

  • The Internet Insights catalog now includes coverage of the following providers:

    • IaaS: Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google/GCP (updated)

    • ISP: 2PIFI (CyrusOne)

    • CDN: AWS CloudFront

    • DNS: AWS Route53

    • UCaaS: Microsoft Teams

    • SECaaS: Radware

  • Logged-in Internet Insights users can now click through from a snapshot affected by an outage to the outage event in Internet Insights.

Minor Enhancements

  • Previously, in instances where a path trace was performed on an agent-to-agent test, if the path trace target was behind a network address translation (NAT) and the NAT traversal failed, the path trace would throw an error and not collect any data.

    Path trace will now be performed on the public IP address of the target agent if the NAT traversal fails, using the port configured in agent-to-agent test settings.

Deprecated and Removed Features

TLS 1.1 Deprecation

We are now deprecating the use of TLS 1.1 on ThousandEyes infrastructure. After May 13th, 2020, clients that only use TLS 1.1 will not be able to access web resources.

Bug Fixes


  • Previously, customers would receive a 400 error code if they attempted to create a snapshot of transaction test data through the /v6/snapshot.json API endpoint. This has been resolved.


  • An issue was found where an embedded color grid widget wouldn’t show color cards that had a value of 0. This has been resolved.

  • An issue was found where the grouped bar chart widget sub-header was incorrectly showing <no label> . This has been fixed.

  • An issue was found where the map widget test filter was incorrectly showing all test types instead of the test types of the selected data source. This has been resolved.

Endpoint Agents

  • An issue occurred where an error message would be displayed when an AnyConnect VPN was queried by the Endpoint Agent, if the VPN was active and configured to be used in "Start Before Logon" mode. This has been resolved.

  • An issue occured where network tests would occasionally fail after a machine woke from sleep. This has been fixed.

  • Occasional, intermittent gaps were observed for some Endpoint Agents running scheduled tests. This issue has been resolved.

  • An issue occurred where DNS information was lost on the Local Networks view when navigating through the timeline. This has been fixed.

  • Formatting issues with the window title of the traceroute style output in Endpoint Agent scheduled tests were resolved.

  • An issue occurred where the error totals displayed on the Browser Sessions page were including network errors. This has been corrected.

Internet Insights

  • The wording of the affected interface node hover state has been improved to clarify that the tests displayed after clicking the "Affected Tests" link belong to the customer.

  • An issue occurred where the outage event swimlane and tooltip were not displayed in Internet Insights share links when the affected test metric was selected. This has been resolved.

  • An issue sometimes occurred where the topology would not display if a user repeatedly double-clicked the "Next nodes" link in Views. This has been corrected.

  • Previously, when an outage was filtered from the Timeline view, the outage topology would sometimes be incorrectly displayed. This has been resolved.

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