Using Alerts and Dashboards With Internet Insights

With Internet Insights, you can see data right away, without running any tests of your own. You can get additional value out of the box by using Internet Insights together with dashboards and alerts.

Using Internet Insights Without Tests Configured

You can purchase one or more Internet Insights package licenses and see global outages based on other people’s data. What you’ll see depends on your Internet Insights package selections:

  • For example, to get visibility into ISP outages in Europe, you would select the package “EMEA ISPs” on Internet Insights > Catalog Settings.

  • On the Dashboards screen, the dashboard titled Internet Insights Built-In includes network and application outages, total counts, and locations with outages. You’ll see outages based on your package subscriptions.

  • You can also set up custom dashboards and alerts related to Internet Insights based on affected catalog providers or applications.

See Working with the Dashboard and Alerts for general information.

Using Internet Insights With Your Own Tests

If you’ve set up tests of your own, ThousandEyes automatically links up global outages that are covered by your Internet Insights catalog selections with your own test data to indicate which of your tests are potentially affected. These links show as My Affected Tests even when your tests aren’t directly impacted by the outage.

You can see additional Internet Insights information for your affected tests as follows:

  • Internet Insights > Overview on the top left, which shows totals for affected tests, as well as outages and alerts

  • Internet Insights > Views, where the timeline at the top includes a metric for affected tests

  • Dashboards > Internet Insights Built-In which, in addition to total outage counts and location-based outage counts, also shows network or application outages affecting your tests

  • Reports, where some widgets offer Internet Insights and My Affected Tests as possible data sources

  • Alerts > Alert Rules > Internet Insights tab, outages that potentially affect your test for selected applications and catalog providers

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