Release Notes: 2012-03-28

We made quite a few changes in this release, including:

  • You can now create standalone network tests (ping and traceroute only). Just specify a server name (or IP address) and a port number. These tests will show up in the "Network Performance" and "Network Topology" screens in the "Agents" tab.

  • We added support for grouping multiple accounts into a single organization. Each account still has its own set of users and tests, but now you can make some users "organization admins" with special powers. Organization admins can create new accounts, delete existing accounts, and manage users within any account in the organization. Coming soon: organization admins will be able to log in to any account!

  • A new update announcement at the top of the site (which you probably clicked on to get here). But we won't annoy you -- after you click on it, it will disappear until the next update!

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