Release Notes: March 2023


Internet Insights Snapshots - Security Enhancement

The Internet Insights snapshot creation workflow has been improved to ensure that the sharelink cannot be copied before it is created. This change resolves an issue where an inactive sharelink could be copied and shared.

New Cloud Agents

New Cloud Agents have been added to the following locations:
  • Chicago, IL, USA (AT&T) (IPv6)
  • London, England (BT)
  • London, England (BT) (IPv6)
  • Manchester, England (BT)
  • Manchester, England (BT) (IPv6)
  • Rome, Italy (Vodafone)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (Telia)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (Telia) (IPv6)
For a full list of Cloud Agents, see ThousandEyes Cloud Agent Locations.

Removed / Deprecated Features

AWS CloudFormation Template

Due to the End of Installation Support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the AWS CloudFormation installation method has been removed.

2023-03-02 Bug Fixes

  • An issue where embedded dashboard widgets were not loading properly as an iFrame has been fixed.
  • An issue occurred where BGP alert rules that were not assigned to a test were still triggering alerts. This issue has been resolved, and the alerting control plane now correctly captures BGP prefix updates when a test is removed from an alert rule on the Alert Rule Settings page.
  • We experienced a problem with our content-notifications system, which resulted in some customers receiving multiple notification emails. This issue has been fixed.