Transaction Scripting Examples for File Downloads

The transaction scripting examples repository contains some sample scripts that include file upload and download operations. If you use these examples, keep in mind you will have to modify or adjust these scripts for your particular context.

  • In the /examples folder, WaitForDownload.js is a script fragment that you can add into your own transaction script to wait for a specified period of time for a file to download. Note that this is not a complete script.

  • In the /applications/Office365 folder:

    • Onedrive-download.js is a complete sample script with steps to log into a specified personal SharePoint drive and download a file called “Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report Final.pdf”.

    • Sharepoint-login-download.js is similar to onedrive-download.js, except actions are logging in to a company-wide SharePoint site, navigating to the Shared Documents area, and downloading a specified file by name.

Simple Use Case

One common use case involves timing the performance of uploading or downloading a file. A sample transaction test script might contain something similar to this, with markers to capture the timing:

await markers.start("File Download");
await downloads.waitForDownload('somefile.pdf');
await markers.stop("File Download");

You can then include the “File Download” metric in dashboards, reports, and alerts.

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