Standard Notification Methods

As well as email and SMS, the ThousandEyes platform supports webhooks as a notification mechanism when an alert is raised. A webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback (Wikipedia). ThousandEyes makes POST requests in the event of an alerting event to a user-configured endpoint.

With this data, you can create a customized workflow for the handling of alerts. You can have the triggering of an event result in submitting a request to your ticket management system, sending customized emails, or posting into a group chat system, such as Slack.

Differences Between Classic and Custom Webhooks

ThousandEyes has two types of webhooks:

Classic Webhooks

Classic webhooks have a standard format for each specific alert type. The JSON payload for each alert type cannot be changed. While you can add a custom variable to the payload in classic webhooks, this variable is static and always placed in the same area of the payload.

Custom Webhooks

Custom webhooks give you more flexibility around which alert data is sent, and how. You can

  • Format the JSON payload to fit your needs.

  • Add static or dynamic key/value pairs to the webhook's JSON payload.

  • Add custom headers, custom URL query parameters, and custom variables to the body of the webhook.

Custom webhooks can ingest alerts based on:

  • Cloud and Enterprise Agents

  • Agent notifications

  • Endpoint Agent scheduled tests

  • Endpoint Agent browser sessions

  • Device tests

  • Device notifications

  • Outage tests

The platform currently does not support webhooks for alerts based on other kinds of Endpoint Agent data or on outage data.

With these capabilities, you can ingest ThousandEyes alert data into any third-party tool that allows for webhook ingestion and supports the authentication types that ThousandEyes supports.

Custom Webhook Integration Examples

Because custom webhooks are so highly configurable, additional documentation is available to help you integrate ThousandEyes into various alerting environments.

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