Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents provide globally distributed vantage points throughout the Internet and are maintained by ThousandEyes.

They are located in over 200 cities and are connected to Tier 1, 2 and 3 ISPs, broadband service providers, and regional data centers of major cloud providers. For the current list of locations, see this map.

A Cloud Agent is a server that is available immediately to customers for tests, with no administrative responsibilities. Any test type in the ThousandEyes platform can be run on a Cloud Agent. Cloud Agents are available for the use of ThousandEyes customers on a unit-consumption basis, and are shared by all customers.


Cloud Agents provide most of the configuration options that Enterprise Agents provide, but because Cloud Agents are used by multiple customers, some features are not available. For example, Cloud Agents cannot be configured to run Web Layer tests through a proxy server, as this would require all tests run by the agent to use the proxy. For use cases such as testing a cloud-based proxy server, use an Enterprise Agent or Endpoint Agent.

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