Site Details Screen

To see site quality over the past 7 days, choose WAN Insights > Site Details as shown below. The Site Details list screen shows all sites in your SD-WAN network.

Use this screen to quickly find sites with quality issues, and drill down to see if there is a particular endpoint pair or circuit that is experiencing lower quality than the rest.

  • Search for a site by number or location, for example “Site 200” or “United Kingdom”.

  • Filter to see only certain sites, or certain application categories.

  • Sort by

    • Impact

    • Quality

    • Number of users

    • You can also change the order of the sorting.

  • Use the drop-down arrow to expand a site to see all its endpoints.

  • The word “Available” under Recommendation Availability indicates that WAN Insights has suggested a better path for this application traffic than the one you’re currently using.

Site Details Drill-Down Screen

The Site Details Drill-Down Screen shows similar information to that shown on the Recommendation Details Modal, except there’s no comparison between current quality and recommended quality. This screen shows the quality you’re experiencing now, for this site.

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