Getting Started with Tests

The test is the basic unit in the ThousandEyes platform. You'll set up tests to monitor services that your customers and employees use.
Tests are categorized by what kind of agent runs the test, and by layers of operation.

Cloud and Enterprise Agent-Based Tests

Routing Layer

Routing-layer tests provide methods for collecting internet routing-related information.
For more information, see BGP Test.

Network Layer

This category of tests measures network performance and path between an agent and a target device.
For detailed information, see

DNS Layer

This suite of tests is dedicated to Domain Name System performance measurements.
For detailed information, see

Web Layer

This set of tests touches on various Web technologies starting from the most basic measurement of availability of web server all the way up to performing precision transactions on a target.
For a video tutorial, see Working with Web Tests.
For detailed information, see

Voice Layer

Voice-layer tests evaluate whether a connection can be established (SIP), as well as testing the exchange of packets after the connection is made (RTP).
For detailed information, see

Endpoint Agent-Based Tests

Endpoint Agent tests are classified as shown below:

Unscheduled Tests (User Sessions)

Endpoint Agents record in-browser and network performance metrics whenever users navigate to monitored domains from monitored networks.
For information on installing and configuring the Endpoint Agent, see Endpoint Agent Installation.

Scheduled Tests

The Endpoint Agent also supports running agent-to-agent tests and HTTP server tests as scheduled tests.