Automated Session Test Settings Reference

This article outlines the available configuration options for automated session tests.

Basic Configuration Options

Automated Session Test
Configuration Option
Required / Optional
Test Name
An optional field for a user-defined name. If left blank, the URL/Target field value will be used.
The name of the application on which the test is configured. The options include:
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • The option Zoom also includes Zoom Rooms. For Zoom Rooms application running on a Windows/macOS device, the agent (version 1.141 or later) will automatically activate the automated session tests.
Supported protocols. The options include:
  • Auto-detect: The system sets the best configuration to monitor the selected application. However, you can edit this configuration if it is not appropriate for your scenario (for example, your firewall policy might block the auto detected configuration). This feature is in Beta.
  • ICMP: Use ICMP only.
  • ICMP + TCP Connect: Enables a TCP connection with a 10 second timeout, and closes the connection if it was able to connect. Unsuccessful connections count towards the TCP Connection Failures metric.
  • Prefer TCP: Falls back to ICMP if TCP is unavailable.
  • TCP: Use TCP only.
The frequency the test should be run at. The default is five minutes.
The agents the test should be run on. There are three options available:
  • All Agents: The test is assigned to all available agents.
  • Specific Agents: The test is assigned to user-defined agents.
  • Agent Labels: The agent is assigned based on pre-configured labels. See Configure Endpoint Agent Labels for more information.
Prioritise this test
This is a toggle switch that overrides the default priority definition. By default, this is toggled off.
Max No. of Agents
Specifies the maximum number of agents that should run the test each interval from the list of available agents. Default value is 25.

Advanced Configuration Options

Agent to Server Test

Configuration Option
Preferred Stack
Specifies if the agent-to-server test should use IPv4 or IPv6 networks. The available configuration options are:
  • IPv4 only
  • Prefer IPv6
  • Force IPv6