How Long Does ThousandEyes Retain Customer Data?

The ThousandEyes platform retains user data for a finite amount of time. This article covers the data retention periods in different features of the ThousandEyes platform.

Test Views

Test data in Views is available for up to 31 days, as seen in a test timeline.

It is possible to retain a period of data indefinitely using a Saved Event (created with the Save button). For more information on Saved Events, see Retaining Data Beyond the 90-Day Limit.

Sharelinks created with the Share button are preserved indefinitely. Sharelinks created with the API Snapshot endpoint will expire after 30 days. For additional information on how this data is preserved or removed, see Public Snapshots.

Dashboard Snapshots

Data in a snapshot made from a ThousandEyes dashboard is available up to 90 days.

Public Snapshots

When creating a dashboard or Endpoint Agent snapshot, you have the option to set an automatic deletion date. This can be done by selecting the desired date when prompted during snapshot creation. By default, the deletion date is set for one year after the snapshot's creation, but you have the flexibility to select a date up to five years in the future. Once the set deletion date is reached, the snapshot will be automatically removed from your account.

When using Internet Insights, Cloud and Enterprise Agents, or device-sharing links to create snapshots, it's important to note that these snapshots will not be deleted from the system.

Event Detection

Event detection data in the ThousandEyes web platform is available for 31 days for ThousandEyes users, except in the case of trial organizations, which follow their own retention plan of 14 days.

Customer-facing API data is available for 90 days.

Cloud and Enterprise Agent Alerts

Data for the alerts feature is available for 90 days, using the Alert History tab.

Endpoint Agents

Endpoint data is available for up to 90 days via reports and dashboards, and for 30 days via the API.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The API retains Cloud and Enterprise Agent data for 90 days, with the exception of the following data types which are retained for 30 days:

  • Page Load data

  • BGP data

  • detailed Web Transaction data (page-level and step-level detail)

  • detailed Path Visualization data (per-hop data)

Endpoint Agent data is retained for 30 days.

Trial Accounts

ThousandEyes trial accounts are limited in duration to 14 days. When the 14-day period ends, all tests stop running and all users, while still being able to log in, are limited to read-only operations. Test data from trial accounts is available for 14 days, and then expired on a rolling basis. Data for the Reports feature is available for 31 days, and then expired on a rolling basis.

Activity Log (User Audit History)

ThousandEyes maintains an audit history (accessible via the Activity Log). Data is retained for two years, and expired on a rolling basis.

Data Retention for Browser Synthetics Test Types

Retention time for page load and transaction tests depends on the data type and the organization that owns the test:

  • Base retention is the time period for which we keep the generated raw, time-series, and aggregated data of any ThousandEyes test type. This is 30 days for trial organizations, or 90 days for paid organizations.

  • Detailed retention is the time period for which we keep the generated HAR files and screenshots of a Browser Synthetics test. The retention period is 45 days for all organization types.

See also What Information Is Transmitted in a Page Load or Transaction Test? for information on HTTP request body payloads for page load and transaction tests.

How Is the Retention Policy Applied to Test-Result Data?

An organization's current data retention policy is applied to test results data when the data is uploaded into the platform. This means that data that has been uploaded during a trial period (trial accounts have a 14/31-day data retention span; see above) will not have its retention policy adjusted to 31/93 days when a trial account is converted into a paid account. On the other hand, the data that is uploaded into the platform after the conversion to a paid account has already happened will be retained for the contracted amount of time (31/91 days; see above).

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