Adding a Profile Image with Gravatar

Have you noticed that when a member of the Customer Success Center responds to your email request, each member has a cool avatar (profile picture)? This feature is provided by Gravatar, a free service that is also available to customers. If you would like to use an avatar that is available to many applications, just follow the simple instructions listed below.

Create Your Gravatar Account

Gravatar is part of the network. So if you have a WordPress account, you already have a Gravatar account and can log in to Gravatar using your credentials. If you don't have a WordPress account, follow the steps below to create your free Gravatar account.

  1. Select Create Your Own Gravatar.

  2. Complete account setup.

  3. Validate your email address.

Adding an Image to Your Gravatar Account

  1. If you navigated away from it, return to

  2. Sign in to Gravatar.

  3. Select the My Gravatars tab.

  4. Click the Add a New Image link.

  5. Choose an image from your local machine (If you want to add an image from another site, drag a copy onto your desktop first).

  6. Crop the image as desired.

  7. Select the appropriate rating for your image.

Your image will now appear under the "My Gravatars" tab.

Note that your Gravatar may not show up for a few days until it has been verified by the Gravatar team.

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