Automatic Disabling of Failing Streaming Integrations

Streaming integrations consume resources on the ThousandEyes backend. To maintain efficiency, only functional streaming integrations are supported.

Criteria for Disabling

If a streaming integration fails to stream data for three consecutive days, you receive a warning notification in the ThousandEyes platform. This notification informs you that the integration will be disabled if the issue is not resolved. You can find your notifications at the bell icon.

If failures continue for seven consecutive days, the integration is disabled automatically, and the platform notifies you again.

Successful data export at any point resets the failure counter to zero.

Common Failure Causes

Failures can occur due to:

  • Invalid Target URL: The configured URL cannot receive OTLP data.

  • Invalid Target Protocol: Incorrect protocol configuration leads to data export attempts using an incorrect protocol.

  • Invalid Authentication Headers: Incorrect tokens in headers may lead to HTTP 401 errors, as the data export request fails authentication.

  • Invalid Content Type: Missing or incorrect content type headers can cause data export failures.

Re-Enabling a Disabled Integration

Streaming integrations are disabled, not deleted. You can correct configurations and re-enable them.

Re-Enabling Via the UI

  1. In the ThousandEyes platform, go to Integrations.

  2. Click the disabled integration to open the edit window.

  3. Toggle the Integration Status to Enabled.

  4. Click Save to apply changes.

Re-Enabling Via the API

Send a PUT HTTP request to enable the integration:

curl -i -XPUT<stream_id> \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER_TOKEN" \
-d '{"enabled": "true"}'

Response Example:

   "id": "<stream_id>",
   "enabled": true,
   "type": "opentelemetry",
   "signal": "metric",
   "endpointType": "grpc",
   "streamEndpointUrl": "",
   "customHeaders": {
       "x-honeycomb-dataset": "******",
       "x-honeycomb-team": "******"
   "tagMatch": [
           "key": "some_key",
           "value": "some_value"
   "auditOperation": {
       "createdDate": 1715250432144,
       "createdBy": 3962,
       "updatedDate": 1715251095837,
       "updatedBy": 3962
   "_links": {
       "self": {
           "href": "<stream_id>"

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