Internet Insights
The Internet Insights module presents a global view of outages. Its maps show Internet infrastructure, representing packets and links between routers geographically.
It provides visibility into core Internet infrastructure - including ISPs, DNS providers, IaaS, UCaaS, SECaaS, and CDNs - and traces the impact of macro-scale Internet events on individual users and enterprise networks at their edge devices. Internet events include outages, routing hijacks and leaks, DDoS attacks, political interference, as well as other events.

Visibility into Outages

Internet Insights provides ThousandEyes users with visibility into Internet outages that can affect their services. Outages can have a variety of causes. Examples of outage causes include:
    Failures of physical infrastructure (for example, a major cable cut or loss of power at a facility such as an Internet exchange)
    Internet routing failures due to misconfiguration (leaks) or maliciousness (hijacks)
    Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
Internet Insights identifies the provider, network, and interface that is experiencing an outage, and additionally can identify other service providers that are affected by the outage. Internet Insights dashboards display current or past outages by geographic location on a global map, and alert rules can be constructed based on several criteria to notify users of outages.

How Internet Insights Detects Outages

Internet Insights detects Internet outages by analyzing the Network-layer results (the Overview and Path Visualization views) of every test that is run from ThousandEyes Cloud or Enterprise Agents. Internet Insights examines the path visualization data from each test, checking for path traces that terminate prior to their targets. Filters are then applied to the path traces and other Network-layer data to determine whether traces and the related test data represent a legitimate outage.
For information on how Internet Insights defines an outage, see Outage.

De-Identification of Data

ThousandEyes removes from the Internet Insights dataset any data that could identify customers (a process referred to as de-identifying) and aggregates the individual test data to ensure customer privacy. Data pertaining to private networks is filtered out of the dataset.

Internet Insights: Data-as-a-Service Offering

Internet Insights provides visibility into specific datasets derived from an aggregation of ThousandEyes tests running across the public internet (packages). ThousandEyes may elect to discontinue or modify Internet Insights packages at any time.
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