AppDynamics Integration

Cisco’s AppDynamics is a leading platform for monitoring the performance of your application. When you use ThousandEyes together with AppDynamics, you can reach full end-to-end visibility into the employee and customer digital experience.

In this guide, we'll look at key ways that you can integrate ThousandEyes and AppDynamics. Example code and additional details can be found in the integration repo on GitHub.

We'll step through the following integration points:

  1. Dash Studio

    Use the native integration of ThousandEyes data into AppDynamics Dash Studio to get a single-pane-of-glass view of your application environment.

    For details, see the AppDynamics product documentation.

  2. Embeddable Widgets

    You can embed ThousandEyes dashboard widgets directly into AppDynamics as iframes. These widgets can be displayed alongside AppDynamics widgets and data.

    For details, see the dashboard widget integration.

  3. Alerts

    Using the native ThousandEyes alerts integration, you can send ThousandEyes alert notifications to AppDynamics, where they can be used to drive AppDynamics policies, trigger actions, and correlate with other data in AppDynamics dashboards.

    For details, see the alerts integration. You can also consult the ThousandEyes native alerts integration for AppDynamics.

  4. Snapshots

    With the AppDynamics HTTP request (webhook) mechanism, you can trigger a snapshot in ThousandEyes as a response to an alert policy in AppDynamics.

    For details, see the snapshot integration.