Installing Enterprise Agents on Cisco Switches with the DNA Center

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents can be installed on Cisco devices using the Cisco DNA Center. This article provides a video walkthrough of the installation and configuration process, as well as some troubleshooting solutions.

Supported Devices

For a full list of supported devices, see the Support Matrix.


Before following the video instructions, users should have the following configured/set up:

  • Login credentials to the DNA Center with either Network Admin or Super Admin permissions.

  • A VLAN for the Enterprise Agent to use.

  • An IP address with a routable subnet with permission to connect to the ThousandEyes cloud, allowing outgoing HTTPS connections directly or through a proxy server.

  • Ensure the target devices are reachable and managed by the DNA Center. For more information, see the Cisco DNA Center Documentation.

A security advisory has been published, relating to the HTTP server component in IOS-XE. This advisory can be found here: Cisco Security Advisories.

While following the recommended steps in the advisory, and disabling HTTP server feature, does not directly impact the ability to run a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on a Cisco device, we recommend that customers who intend to use DNAC or other external tooling to manage their Cisco network devices follow the instructions within the security advisory to utilize an ACL to only allow trusted devices to access the HTTP server component.

Installation Video

The video walkthrough is available here: ThousandEyes Resources.


Incorrect file download from Cisco DNA Center versions 2.2.2.x and 2.2.3.x

There is an existing bug with Cisco DNA Center versions 2.2.2.x and 2.2.3.x that causes an unsupported version of the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent to be downloaded. The summary and workaround are listed below; more details can be found here: Cisco Issue Tracker.


When running Cisco DNA Center versions 2.2.2.x or 2.2.3.x, the hyperlink to download the tar.gz file automatically redirects to ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent version 4.2.2. This version is not supported on Cisco DNA Center versions earlier than 2.3.3.x, and will cause an error due to the changes in the controller.yaml file.


To workaround this issue, ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent version 4.1.0 can be downloaded and imported instead. This version is still supported under the correct schema:.

Deploy failed (ERR_AH_1000): 400 Client Error: Bad Request ("Duplicate mount point: /var/tmp/te-agent")

There is an existing bug that caused users trying to deploy the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent with Cisco DNA Center 2.3.2.x to receive the failure message Deploy failed (ERR_AH_1000): 400 Client Error: Bad Request ("Duplicate mount point: /var/tmp/te-agent"). A workaround is listed below; more details can be found here: Cisco Issue Tracker.


Navigate to the ThousandEyes app in the Cisco DNA Center Application Hosting page. In the docker runtime options, remove the following line from the configuration:

--mount type=tmpfs,destination=/var/tmp/te-agent,tmpfs-size=340m

Save the changes, and the setup should then work as expected.

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